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Name & Surname: Turgay TAHHAN
Age: 42
Position: General Manager
Experience: 19 Years of International Construction, Oil and Gas Experience
Name & Surname: Joe STEIN
Age: 62
Position: Operations Manager
Name & Surname: Richard LOWE
Position: Drilling Operations Manager
Name & Surname: Production Manager
Position: Production Manager
Name & Surname: Arda Yakici
Age: 36
Position: Finance Manager
Experience: Over 13 years of experience in external/internal financial audit and advisory roles within oil & gas industry. His past experience include eight years with PricewaterhouseCoopers in the UK and previously over four years with Deloitte & Touche in Turkey. During this time, Arda worked with multinational and independent oil & gas companies in the Uk, the US, Africa and the Middle East. Qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2005, he has a proven track record in understanding, interpretation and implementation of IFRS and SORP (UK) within the oil and gas industry. He earned a Master of Science in Financial Management from the Robert Gordon University (UK) in 2005 and previously an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Hacettepe University in 2000.
Name & Surname: Daniel McClorey
Age: 55
Position: Facilities Manager
Name & Surname: Conrad GROENWALD
Age: 43
Position: Security Manager
Experience: 25 years of managing experience and military operations in high risk areas. He has lived and worked in the Middle East and brings a unique level of insight into the culture and security chalenges. He has conducted in-depth anti-terrorism assesments, risk analyses and vulnerability studies and has developed and implemented security and safety policies and procedures for several organizations with a specialized focus on Oil and Gas.
Name & Surname: Andy WILSON
Age: 50
Position: Maintenance Manager
Experience: 33 years in the Oil & Gas business. 20 years Schlumberger resident in 14 countries. Last Schlumberger assignment Geo-Market Manager, Saudi, Bahrain & Kuwait, Fracturing, coil tubing, cementing and drilling. Senior instructor Schlumberger Training School, Tulsa Oklahoma.
Name & Surname: Harun SAVAŞ
Age: 57
Position: Human Resources Manager
Experience: Total 28 years experience Goodyear Tire&Rubber Company - 10 years as a Factory Accounting Manager and 5 years as a Human Resources Manager N.V.Turkse Perenceo -6 years as Human Resources and Administration Manager TTOPCO Ltd. - From May 2008 working as Human Resources Manager
Name & Surname: A.Bozkurt YURDAKUL
Age: 41
Position: General Services & Logistics Manager
Experience: 18 years of experience in international business and Oil & Gas industry.
Name & Surname: Koray ÖZBAY
Age: 40
Position: Information Technologies Manager
Experience: 13 years of experience in IT sector